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Unit 20 KCR Industrial Estate
Kimmage Dublin D12YW83

showroom open 7 days

by appointment only

Unit 20 KCR Industrial Estate, Kimmage Dublin D12YW83

Solitude’s Embrace



In this evocative masterpiece, Atlantis captures the essence of abandonment and isolation with profound depth and emotion. The once vibrant hues of the cottage’s facade have faded into obscurity, yielding to the relentless passage of seasons and the unyielding embrace of solitude.

Against a backdrop of mist-shrouded peaks and brooding skies, the cottage is a solitary beacon of human presence amidst nature’s unfathomable vastness. Its weather-beaten walls whisper tales of bygone days, echoing the laughter and tears of those who once sought refuge within its timeworn embrace.

Through expertly crafted brushstrokes and masterful use of chiaroscuro, Atlantis imbues the scene with a melancholic beauty. Shadows dance playfully across the crumbling facade, casting haunting silhouettes upon the rugged landscape.

‘Solitude’s Embrace’ beckons viewers to contemplate the ephemeral nature of existence and the enduring resilience of the human spirit. Amidst the solitude of the mountains, amidst the silent echoes of forgotten dreams, Atlantis invites us to find solace in the stillness of our souls and to embrace the beauty of impermanence.